About Gendron & Gendron

When you think of commercial construction companies in the Lewiston-Auburn area, you probably think of Gendron & Gendron. We are a well-known and well-respected commercial construction company located in Lewiston, Maine, and we serve the local communities as well as the wider area of Southern Maine, traveling as far as 50 miles for our projects. The Gendron family has been a significant real estate owner, developer, and contractor in the Lewiston-Auburn area since 1971, when it was co-founded by Del Gendron. Del’s son, Dave, later took his father’s place as President, and Dave’s son, John, now leads the company. For three generations, the Gendrons have been leaders in developing retail, commercial, and industrial projects in Lewiston-Auburn and across Maine.

Different from Other Construction Companies

What is it that sets Gendron & Gendron apart from its competition?  In the words of President John Gendron, Del’s grandson, “We can do everything.”  Indeed, Gendron and Gendron have built a reputation for high quality “turnkey” projects that consistently come in on time and on budget.  Given their extensive real estate holdings, significant excavation resources, and construction expertise, it is often possible for clients to see a project move from raw land to finished building product with just one partner.  This ability to take a project from “the planning stage to completion during occupancy” has been a major factor in Gendron’s continued success.

Commercial Construction

While Gendron and Gendron has grown to become a major developer across the state, about 90% of its work remains in the L-A area.  We are proud of the excellent relationship they have with both cities, providing not only quality commercial construction projects but also outstanding employment opportunities. In addition, we give back to the people, businesses, and charitable organizations in our community. Helping Maine grow is how we are growing too!